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●For wrinkles caused by dryness ●For refining the texture of the skin
Reawaken smoothness with intensive moisturization

(Moisturizing Face Mask)

○The 60-day intensive gel face mask for home-treatment gives elasticity and moisture to the skin.
○Three types of highly concentrated sugars improve the inherent workings of the skin,smoothing out and refininf the skin.
○Promotes skin metabolism and adjusts imbalances of the skin’s physiology.
○One whole bottle is used for one treatment,which always allows them to be used in a fresh condition, and they do not require refrigeration.
○Does not contain any preservatives.

[Moisturizing ingredients]
[Cell-invigorating ingredient]DNA-Na

<How to use>
-The full effect of the mask can be experienced by treating the face for 60 consecutive days.
-After cleansing and washind the face,spread to the face,neck nad parts that need attention(they have no preservatives).
-Leave it on the face or cover the face with a cling film for 15 minutes,wipe off with a damp towel or rinse away with lukewarm water(it can be left on for more than 15 minutes if used while bathing).

●Acne-prone and oily skin ●Enlarged pores ●Dullness ●Oily shine
Intensive cleansing enzyme mask

Bo Pack
[Powdered enzyme Pack]
-5g x 22packets
-5g x 10packets

○An enzyme pack that removes excess keratin and cleanses away dirt in pores.
○By combining proteolytic enzyme and collagen,enzyme activity is enhanced and usability is also improved.
○Comes in indivvidual packets to give a fresh enzyme effect every time you use it.
○The attached brush is made of soft-feeling quality horse hair and it is also sized with convenience in mind.
○Tasted for skin irritation.

[Proteolytic enzyme] Protease,Papain
[Moisturizing ingredients] Collagen,DNA-Na
[Cell-invigorating ingredient] DNA-Na
[Skin whitening] Muberry extract
Mullberry extract,Peony extract,Narrow-leaf Sophora extract,Ligusticum acutilobum extract,Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
[Sebum-absorbing ingredient] Natural mud (bentonite)

<How to use>
-Use once to twice a week after cleansing and washin the face (wipe off moisture after washing9.
-Have a container ready for mixing the contents of the packet,pour in the contents and mix by adding water gradually untill it becomes soft (consistency similar to pancake batter).
-Using the attached brush,apply the mixture concentrating on parts with thickened keratin or the T-zone,avoiding the area around the mouth and eyes.
-When the pack dries after 10 to 15 minutes,rinse away with lukewarm water.
-Condition the skin with Carely Ex or Medicated White C Essence afterwards.

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